Friday, August 26, 2011


Bill Rice Ranch - First Light Devotionals 

II Chronicles 12:14 "And he did evil, because he prepared not his heart to seek the LORD." 

How long did it take you to get ready this morning? You may not have all the time you want or need, but how long does it normally take you? Some people amaze me in how quickly they can get themselves prepared in the morning! Preparation is important, isn't it? Well, how you appear and smell when your alarm goes off is hopefully different than how you look and smell right now!

Preparation is important in other areas of life. Do you like eggs? Do you like raw eggs? The difference is preparation! II Chronicles 12:14 reminds us that preparation, or the lack thereof, is critical to our spiritual lives. King Rehoboam "prepared not his heart to seek the LORD."  He wasn't evil so much because of what he did do as he was evil for what he did not do.

Do you think Rehoboam ever prepared? Of course! Verse 1 tells us that when Rehoboam "had established the kingdom, and had strengthened himself, he forsook the law of the LORD, and all Israel with him." He prepared ("established") his kingdom and strengthened himself, but he did not prepare for God. Rehoboam prepared, but he didn't prepare for things that were most important.

Your preparations reveal your priorities. Are you strengthening yourself and your position, or are you seeking the Lord? Rehoboam did not prepare his heart to seek the Lord, and the Bible says that "he did evil." What are you doing this morning to prepare your heart today? With the Lord's help, prepare your heart and prioritize your day to seek and serve Him.


Prayer Requests: 

1. Revival service tonight in Lyford, IN

2. BRR Elementary Retreat 1 today and tomorrow

3. Ranch evangelists preaching this weekend in Douglas, WY; Dewey, OK; and Heath, OH




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