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Question of the Week: Why did God design venomous snakes?

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August 27, 2011

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Q: Why did God design venomous snakes?

A: Evolutionary biologists have many unanswered questions about snakes as they attempt to explain the complex predatory structures in terms of random mutations. But the Bible gives an entirely different perspective on snakes. Christian biologists give credit for the incredible design exhibited in venomous snakes to the sovereign Creator and Designer, who "made all things for himself . . . even the wicked for the day of evil" (Proverbs 16:4).
The fact that snakes are efficient killers should not bother us because based on Genesis 1:30 they are not what they used to be. God originally made animals to be vegetarian, not killers, but Adam's Fall changed all that.
Some people have suggested that the snake's ability to kill arose slowly, as a result of mutations and random changes in behavior after Adam's sin. While such thinking may help explain some creatures, it does not help with snakes. Modern snakes display a complex, interconnected network of features that appear specifically designed for killing.
Christians know that God made all things, which must include snakes. But how did snakes become predators (and some of them venomous) if God's original creation was perfect? These harmful designs must have come into play after the Curse. This illustrates the infinite wisdom of God in preparing animals like snakes to survive in a fallen world.

Continue reading to see how a former atheist was convinced of God's design by studying snakes—and how these creatures are a testimony to the truthfulness of God's Word.

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Chick-a-gator: Chickens with alligator-like snouts developed by Harvard evolutionary biologist Arkhat Abzhanov have supposedly "rewound evolution." As evolutionary paleontologist Jack Horner has asserted, "You can't make a dinosaur out of a chicken, if evolution doesn't work." Rewinding evolution would supposedly prove evolution happened in the first place. Read more.

Sulfur-eating sandstone and Mars: In the struggle to see who can find the oldest fossils, the team of Wacey and Brasier has struck a blow using a battery of analytical techniques to authenticate a biological origin for stromatolites from Strelley Pool, Australia. Stromatolites are finely layered dome-shaped structures in sedimentary rocks made by microorganisms including sulfur-eating bacteria and the minerals in which they have entombed themselves. Read more.


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