Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Quotes of the Week

What are we going to do? There's only two things we can do. Number 1, we must make sure we know the Lord. And number 2, we must do everything we can to make the Lord known. That's all there is to do. - Pastor Clarence Sexton

There is only one way to deal with error. That is by knowing the truth! - Sexton

You cannot give the Bible to the wrong person! - Brant Holladay, B.I.M.I. Europe Director

When the Holy Spirit begins to convict us of our sin [not the sin of someone else], the sin can be hidden no more, and the time of soul-searching begins. No fear of past failure, no threatening array of temptations, duties or excuses can hold us back. It involves true obedience to Christ. - Andrew Murray

Life is your opportunity to prepare to meet God. - Pastor John Goetsch, Jr.

Finish the job. - Bob Jones Sr.

How utterly vain it is for man to harden and exalt himself against God; for, truly, He can grind to powder the hardest heart, and bring down to the dust the haughtiest spirit. "Those that walk in pride He is able to abase." (Dan. 4:37) Man may fancy himself to be something; he may lift his head, in pomp and vainglory, as though he were his own master. Vain man! How little he knows of his real condition and character! He is but the tool of Satan, taken up and used by him, in his malignant efforts to counteract the purposes of God. The most splendid intellect, the most commanding genius, the most indomitable energy, if not under the direct control of the Spirit of God, are but so many instruments in Satan's hand to carry forward his dark designs. No man is his own master; he is either governed by Christ or governed by Satan. - C.H.M.

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