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Women! What Men desperately Need.

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Women! What Men desperately Need

From the writings of Sumner Wemp


WOMEN! What men desperately need.


"If any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives" 1 Peter 3:1. "Likewise, husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge" 3:7. That goes for women as well to dwell with their husbands according to knowledge. Here is something every wife needs to know about men, their husband.

Men need admiration

Why is it that most men marry women who are shorter than they are, younger than they are? A man needs a woman to look up to him, not just physically but in every way. If women catch on to this and do it, they will wrap their man around their little finger forever.

Men have inferiority complexes

MOST men have an inferiority complex. Deep down inside very few men have a superiority complex. Over the past 13 years, I have mentored over 300 pastors, missionaries, evangelists and business men for various lengths of time. ALL of them need encouragement and admiration, believe me. I DO! Women need "attention" more on that next week.

The demands on husbands

Today, the world is success oriented. If a man doesn't own two cars, a boat and climbing the ladder of success, he can feel a failure deep down inside. He needs to know his wife admires him no matter what.

The reason he hangs out...

Men hang out with men who accept them, who admire them. Believe me, if he gets the admiration of his wife and children he wont need those men he hangs out with nearly as much. Oh, dear wife, learn this. Look at his good points and strengths. Brag on him and rave about his good points. Let him know he is the greatest guy in the world in your eyes. If he isn't, you had better magnify his good points until you feel that way about him and lo and behold he will act like the best and become the best just for you. Doesn't that make sense? Most husbands will become what you think of them to be. THINK on this. It is a powerful truth. Oh, my, the influence you have over your husband.

Dear people, almost daily I am getting emails about marriages that are in trouble or breaking up right now. Happy marriages don't happen, they are worked at. Do it dear people, do it.

Prayer:  Father give this husband and wife knowledge to know what each other needs to make their marriage filled with joy and Your purpose for them. In Jesus name

In most marriages the problem is not your spouse it is you and your walk with God.  We need to look at what we do and why we are doing it, and ask one question "Is what we are doing and wanting glorifiying God".  If it is not glorigying God think of a way you can Glorify Him, if you can't don't do it.  We are known by our actions so make sure our actions are from God not to glorify ourselves. 


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