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What Women need and Want

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What Women need and Want

From the writings of Sumner Wemp

What Women need and want...

Men need and want ADMIRATION. See Friday's email. Women need and want ATTENTION. Someone sent me a book entitled "What men know about women?" You guessed it, it was totally blank, NOTHING. Someone said if a man thinks for one minute he can understand women he has timed it just about right!

Why women do it

There is a valid reason women have their weeping spells, spend so much time shopping, fixing their hair, changing the furniture around and a thousand other things characteristic of women. Women need attention. God wired them that way. They will do anything in the world to get attention (more on this later). If we men every realize that and feed them the right kind of attention it can transform the relationship and marriage.

Her hair do

Here is a woman, she goes to the beauty parlor, gets her hair washed, rolled up in those rat tails (curlers), sits under the hair dryer. The operator spend hours, it seems, fixing her hair. She comes home and her husband never notices. Finally she asks, "How do you like my new hair do." He hasn't slipped, he slupped. Than he makes a quick glance and says casually, "It looks fine" or some other casual remark and she begins to bawl. The smart husband will stop everything and rave about her hair and how beautiful she is. That will get him a few hundred points that night.

Husbands are to "cherish" their wives Eph. 5:29. That means to give her TLC, tender loving care, and that includes noticing her, giving her attention.

Notice your wife

Husbands notice you wife, her dress, her shoes, her makeup, any thing new and PAY ATTENTION by giving her the compliments she deserves and desires. More on this and examples of what to do. Next time I am going to tell you how to save tons of money if you will do this one simple thing.

Prayer: Father, help us men to understand our wives and notice them, pay attention to the hundreds of signs that they need our attention. In Jesus name

As husbands we need to pay attention to our wives and notice them every chance we get.

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