Sunday, October 25, 2009


Matthew 24:14

Pastor Rick Jackson

In answering these questions Jesus pointed out 3 major things to His disciples. #1 - the way things will be, #2 - the way things were, and #3 - the way things are. And he uses a force of nature, a famous man, and a frailty of mankind to illustrate these truths. First, Jesus points out:

I. THE WAY THINGS WILL BE [illustrated by a force of nature] v. 7-8

Some interesting facts about earthquakes:

1. Earthquakes are on the Increase

According to the New World Encyclopedia from Jesus day until 1800 they were less than 10 major earthquakes. From 1800-1900 there were 6, from 1900-1950 there were 8, and from 1951-2000 there were 31, and from 2001-2009 there have been 25.

So for 1800 years there were only 10, ten there were 6 in 100 years, 8 in 50 years, 31 in 50 years, and finally 25 in 9 years.

2. Earthquakes are Unpredictable

They can happen anywhere [Cal., FL, TN, etc.]

The can happen anytime [Hurricane season, flood warnings, blizzard watch, etc. but not quakes]

3. Earthquakes hit the Unprepared the Worse [like sorrow, like death, like Christ's return!]

Secondly, Jesus points out:

II. THE WAY THINGS WERE [illustrated by a famous man-Noah] v. 36-39

1. Business as usual - Noah saved out of it!

2. Lot's day-business as usual - Lot saved out of it! [Lk. 17:28-30]

3. Day of Christ's Coming - business as usual - Christians saved out of it! [II Pet. 2:5-9]

And finally, the Lord points out:

III. THE WAY THINGS ARE [illustrated by a frailty of mankind] v. 42-44

1. A Thief comes Unannounced [v. 42, II Pet. 3:3-10]

2. A Thief comes Unexpectedly [v. 43, I Th. 5:2-4]

3. A Thief comes Uninvited [v. 43b-44, Ps. 2:1-3]

Here are the facts:

Jesus is coming again!

It can be anytime!

Great sorrow ill be on the unprepared!

You can prepare NOW by trusting Him!

If you have trusted Him you prepare by living for Him!

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