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QUESTION OF THE WEEK! - How does a biblical creationist deal with plant carnivory?‏

Q: How does a biblical creationist deal with plant carnivory?

A: A menu of rats may be expected with coyotes and owls—but plants? As improbable as it sounds, there are plants that can digest rats and other small vertebrates. Recently, news agencies and websites were deluged with headlines that a new species of “rat-eating” plant was discovered by a botanical team led by Stewart McPherson. Apparently the researchers got wind of a story that took place in 2000.

As the tale goes, two Christian missionaries to the Philippines got lost in central Palawan while attempting to ascend Mount Alexandria. They were rescued 13 days later and recounted seeing large carnivorous pitcher plants on the slope of the mountain. Their botanical descriptions were unique enough to cause McPherson and team to mount a two-month expedition to the area in 2007. Upon hiking through dense forests and climbing up Mount Alexandria, they spotted the first specimen at around 1600 meters in elevation.

What are these plants? Why do they eat animals and how are we to understand them within a biblical model of creation?

Continue reading about plant carnivory in The Genesis of “Rat-Eating” Plants.

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