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Question of the Week: Was Adam a Real Person? 

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Subject: Was Adam a Real Person? 


How does believing in a historical Adam affect the gospel's foundation? (View in Browser)

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How Do Some Among You Say There Is No Adam?
The Rejection of Adam
Just as Paul specifically asked how the Corinthians could say there was no Resurrection, today's Christians must ask, "How do some among you say there is no Adam?" Because Greek thinking has been synthesized with biblical thinking, it is becoming increasingly popular among many evangelicals to reject a historical Adam.

Just as the Resurrection is central to the gospel, the idea of there being a first man, Adam, is foundational to the gospel and to the doctrines that are built upon it.
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Searching for Adam
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Searching for Adam
Is It Time to Kiss Disney Goodbye?

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One Great Way to Celebrate Women's History Month

In recognition of Women's History Month (March), I thought I would mention our popular Answers for Women's conference, April 7–8, 2017.

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