Friday, March 17, 2017

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

I once visited a home in Chicago where for purposes of exercise they had an "electric horse." As a horseman of long experience in my youth I was asked to ride the electric horse. I got on, pressed the button, and presto, galloped and galloped, arms flapping, coat tail waving! The action was a fine imitation of the gallop of a horse. But it was only an imitation after all, for I pressed the button, the galloping stopped, and I got off exactly where I got on! I had not been anywhere at all! And that is exactly like the prayer of a modernist, purely for exercise, and not to get things from a prayer-hearing, prayer-answering God!
Prayer is not meditation, not adoration, not even communion in the ordinary sense. Prayer is asking God for something. . - John R. Rice

Too much of our prayers are like the incantation of a witch-doctor or the rites of some modern cult. That is, they may have rhythm, or eloquence, or beauty and aesthetic form; but they are not genuine prayers when they do not ask for things. The modern tendency to have pipe organ music during prayer is because we really are not praying at all. We say we seek reverence, but actually we are seeking some form of aesthetic beauty, some appeal to the senses.
When a lady orders groceries she does not quote poetry.
When the dispatcher gives orders to a trainman, they are not written on engraved stationary. He does not use classic illustrations or ponderous words.
When a beggar ask for a dime foe a cup of coffee and a "hot dog," he does not talk about the glowing sunset.
Brother, come to God, asking for what you want, and go home with it! Let us really pray be asking things from God. . - John R. Rice

The Holy Spirit can pray always "according to the will of God." So any prayer that is inspired and guided and aided by the Holy Spirit can be assured of an answer. When one prays according to the will of God, then that prayer will be answered. Someone has well said that any prayer that begins in Heaven will certainly not be rejected there. . - John R. Rice

The Holy Spirit is called "the Comforter" by our Saviour (John 14:16, 26; John 15:26; John 16:7). This "Comforter" is a translation of the Greek word parakletos, meaning "one called alongside." So the blessed Holy Spirit is alongside of every Christian. Better yet, the Saviour said in John 14:17, "Ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you." The Holy Spirit dwelled with the apostles before the resurrection. But in the future after Christ was glorified, the Holy Spirit is promised to be within us. So when Jesus rose from the dead, He breathed on the disciples and said, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost" (John 20:22). Now from that time, every saved person has the Holy Spirit abiding in his body. - John R. Rice

Anything under Heaven, asked in Jesus' name, will be given [John 14:13-14]
But how often we lie to God about this matter! People have fallen into the custom of saying at the close of their prayers, "This we ask in Jesus' name. Amen." But are we really asking in Jesus' name? Do we really mean, "Father, in Thy Word I have found what You promised, and the Holy Spirit has made clear this petition is exactly what Jesus wants. Here he puts His endorsement on the prayer, and I know You will give it because Jesus wants it." Is that really always true about the prayers where we add the formal statement, "in Jesus' name"? I believe it is not. I know it is not, because many such prayers do not get the answer they seek; and that proves they are not really given in Jesus' name. - John R. Rice

I suggest that you go over your prayer list. Criticize and weigh carefully each item. Are you asking this for a personal, selfish reason? Is it according to the written Word of God? And does the Holy Spirit specially lead you out in prayer for this? If you have given up your own will and if it stands the test of the last two points, then you may with holy boldness storm the gates of Heaven to get the answer to your prayer, and say like Jacob, "I will not let thee go, except thou bless me!" (Gen. 32:26) - John R. Rice

If you do not get just what you pray for, then you should set out today to find what is wrong with your prayers. Do not claim to have the answer until you get what you pray for. Either change your prayers so that God can righteously answer them, or correct any fault and sin that grieves the Spirit and hinders your prayers. Then if nothing is found that hinders the affirmative answer you seek, and if you are assured after prayerful study of the Word of God, and opening your heart to the quiet voice of God's ungrieved Holy Spirit, that your prayer is according to the will of God, then you should wait before God insistently, with supplication and importunity, insisting on receiving the thing that you have asked for! - John R. Rice

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