Saturday, December 24, 2016

Question of the Week: Does Keeping Christ in Christmas Violate the US Constitution?

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What are the legal rules in keeping Christ in Christmas? (View in Browser)

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Keeping Christ in Christmas
Keeping Christ in Christmas
The Bible is no longer widely accepted as the final authority in American culture. As a result, the Christmas season generates a multitude of questions from people who are confused and want to know whether they may wish someone “Merry Christmas,” or whether their town may include religious decorations to celebrate the season. Why do many Christians, and their communities and schools, fear to openly proclaim the religious significance of Christmas?
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The Building of the Ark Encounter (December 24–28)
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No Room for an Inn

No Room for an Inn

A stable with lowing cattle and a straw-filled manger with the quietly sleeping baby Jesus—is this a historically accurate picture of the first Christmas?

A Tangled Web: The Science of Lying Agrees with God's Word

A Tangled Web: The Science of Lying Agrees with God’s Word

True to the old saying, one lie becomes two, which can spiral into a web of deceit. New research shows the more we lie, the easier it is to continue lying.

Ken Ham

Rainbow Lights at the Ark

Our special Christmas event at the Ark Encounter started on December 16. For added “wow factor,” we’ve lit the whole Ark in beautiful rainbow colors.

Creation Museum

3 Ways to Use Snapchat During Christmas Town

Here are three ways you can use Snapchat to share your Christmas Town experience and visit to the Creation Museum with your family and friends.

The Magi at the First Christmas Town Video
The Magi at the First Christmas Town
After Eden Answers with Ken Ham
Christmas Town
Answers for Teachers
Defend: Answers for Women

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