Friday, December 02, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

I remember a little girl one night was scared, so her mother said to he, "You are all right. God is close by."
But she said, "I want somebody with skin on."
Here is a wonderful thing: Jesus is not just a far-off God; He is Somebody with skin on, Somebody with hands and feet, and, oh, with a beautiful face! I want to see Him. Don't you? Have you trust Jesus? - John R. Rice

Christ comes first for His own. Notice that he said, "For the Lord himself shall descend...." I have heard people say, "That happened at Pentecost." No, it is not Pentecost; it is the Lord Himself who is coming. Or you may hear, "That happened in World War I." No, it is not a war; that is when Jesus Himself is coming. Not any other act in history will settle it; the personal, literal, bodily return of Jesus Christ must fulfill the Scripture. Then, be comforted, for we will meet our loved ones again. - John R. Rice 

I wear glasses so I can see. I wear hearing aids. I have other human frailties. I walk slowly and stagger a little sometimes. I have limitations and failures. I fell in 1956 and fractured the base bones under the brain and the olfactory nerve was cut, and I don't smell anything. I will be glad to be changed. One of these days I will be young again. I will be vigorous again. I will be as strong as I ever was. Oh, wonderful! And best of all, I will be done with sin. I will never again have to turn to the Lord and say, "I am sorry, Jesus, I am so sorry." - John R. Rice

Somebody said, "Brother Rice, is healing in the atonement?" Yes. But we don't get it all until we get our resurrection bodies. - John R. Rice

Somebody knocked at my door and announced: "I am a witness of Jehovah."
I said, "I am, too." I asked him, "Have you been born again?"
"Born again, what is that?"
I said, "You are setting out to witness for Jehovah and not even born again!" I turned to the 3rd chapter of John and read him what Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Ye must be born again!"
Thank God, that Jehovah's Witness got saved! Then he called his 12-year-old boy who was down the street giving out literature. He came and he, too, turned to the Saviour and was saved. - - John R. Rice

Note, "Unto us a child is born." "Unto us" means that Jesus is to be born to mankind. The Lord Jesus is to be as we are- with limitations- not morally, for He never sinned, but in the surroundings, in the environment, in the temptations, in the poverty, in the heartbreak that sometimes comes to people. - John R. Rice

His ancestry? He was the Son of kings. He was the Son of poverty. When Mary brought the baby Jesus into the Temple and offered the sacrifice, she offered the sacrifice that poor women would offer- two turtledoves or two pigeons, because she was poor. The Son of kings and riches, and the Son of poverty and lowliness, too. He was the Son of Ruth the Moabitess as well as the Son of the Jews. He is the Son of Rahab the harlot, the Canaanite woman, as well as of the Jews because that is all in the ancestral line. And so throughout the book of Luke Jesus loves to call Himself the Son of Man. - John R. Rice 

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