Saturday, October 01, 2016

Question of the Week: How Should the Church Approach Racial Issues?

From the highly recommended:

How Should the Church Approach Racial Issues?
Racial Reconciliation That Matters
Racial Reconciliation
Race can't be ignored anymore. There's a deadly problem. And it turns out that the Bible has the one answer that matters. We need to remove the fog of the modern concept of race so that we can more clearly see paths to a better future. We can begin by understanding our history.
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Dawkins' Doubts

Dawkins's Doubts

The media are abuzz with evidence of a rapidly rising number of nonbelievers. But are there any true atheists?

Voting and the Ark

Voting and the Ark

As I thought about the upcoming election, it dawned on me that the reasons we built the Ark are based on the same principles we should apply when we vote.

Ken Ham

Is There a Science to Cuteness?

Answers equips readers to think biblically and defend the truth of the Bible. It is always addresses societal and scientific questions of our day.

Creation Museum

Deaf Day Offers Unique Experience

Mark your calendar for Deaf Day at the Creation Museum on October 15, 2016. Here are three unique opportunities that will be available during this event.

Creation: Science Confirms the Bible Is True Video
One Blood One Race
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