Friday, October 28, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

A man came into the Elgin Bible Church as I held meetings there. As I met him at the door, I smelled beer on his breath. He told me he had come to hear me because he understood I was from Texas and he had just returned from taking a trainload of beer to Texas. I told him that I was sorry he was in such a business and offered him a little gospel booklet. He refused to take it and said, "No! What would my friends think of me, knowing I am in the beer business, if I had such things in my pockets?" He said that he had a good job, was making plenty of money; that if he ever decided to give up that job he would turn to the Bible and seek to be saved, but not now. He chose his job, but rejected the Gospel and rejected Christ. - John R. Rice

Many, many poor lost souls follow others into Hell. You want the approval of your sinner friends. You want to enjoy their fellowship and do what they do. And so you reject Christ and lose your soul for the paltry, shabby friendships of people who are no real friends. - John R. Rice

If you believe that the Bible is true, that God loves you, that Christ died for you, that you are a sinner who needs saving, then oh, I beg you in Jesus' name, turn today to Christ for mercy and be saved! Almost persuaded is altogether lost. - John R. Rice

You cannot love the Bible nor meditate in it and follow it and still have your friendships and have your companionships and your philosophy of life molded by the lost crowd, the Devil's crowd. - John R. Rice

I am a poor example. I have begged God to help me understand the Bible and love it and preach it. I once made God a vow to preach everything in the Bible. I am finding to my amazement and somewhat to my joy, that there is more in it than I can ever get to. If the Lord does not let me preach some in Heaven, I won't ever get through everything in the Bible, because I find more in it every day than I can ever tell. - John R. Rice

I am just saying, in nearly every sentence, in nearly every phrase, there are riches in the Bible. That is why I don't like a paraphrased Bible but a translation that says exactly what God is saying, not what somebody thinks He might have meant. Oh, there are riches in the Bible for those who take it to heart and "meditate therein day and night." And there are sweet things there for you. - John R. Rice

Do you want the blessing of God? Then learn to meditate in the Bible. Set out to read it through every year. Nobody is a good Christian who doesn't read the Bible through every year. I find that everywhere I go that over half of the fundamental Christians have not ever read the Bible through one time. - John R. Rice

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