Tuesday, October 25, 2016

JOHN 6:5-14

Evangelist Troy Carlson
taken from a message preached at Bradford Baptist Church on 10-14-2016
v. 14, 40, 47; 20:31 has the emphasis of pointing people to Christ

here then are some lessons for believers:

I. Source Material Never Limits God [v. 5-7]

Remember He made the world out of nothing [ex nihilo] so when He is working on us it is more than He had when He created the world.

II. God's Work in Your Life is Satisfying [v. 11-13]

At the West Branch God did a miracle for buildings so God could do a bigger miracle in changed lives.

III. You Waste God's Blessings when you Fail to Trust Him Next Time [v. 13, Mk. 6:45-52, 8:1-9, 14-21]

"How strangely senseless and stupid you are." - Matthew Henry

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