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Question of the Week: What is the Biblical Solution to Stem Cells and Cloning?

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What is the Biblical Solution to Stem Cells and Cloning? 

Stem Cells and Cloning
Stem Cells and Cloning
As has been shown, stem cell therapy has the potential to alleviate much suffering. And it has even been suggested by some that humans should be reproductively cloned in order to provide a ready reserve of tissues and organs should they ever be needed. The clone would simply be "spare parts," to be used at the discretion of the "parent" human.

But we need to ask, "At what cost?" Scripture gives us an insight into God's plan for human life and how we can come to a biblical and ethical solution to these issues.
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Bill Nye "the Science Guy" produced a video to try to explain the origin of ethics—a problem in a secular worldview—by appealing to naturalistic evolution.

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Pro-Life Clinics Must Advertise Abortion

The government claims its purpose is to help women know their options but really it's forcing pro-life clinics to advertise against what they believe.

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At the 2016 Answers for Women conference, we'll hear from women and men who will teach us to be discerning in many different areas of our lives.

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