Friday, January 01, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

So, the Wise Men opened their treasures. They had brought gold for Jesus. ...
Then frankincense. Incense for praise and worship in the Temple, or praise and prayer to deity, for Jesus is God. I have people ask, "Do you pray to Jesus?" Sure. "But I thought you prayed to the Father in the name of the Son." Well, Jesus is God, too. And the Father is not jealous of His Son. Just as in the Bible people came to Jesus to ask Him for things, so I can ask Him, too, and He answers me, as He answered them. Oh yes, Jesus is God and I offer Him the sweet incense of praise and worship, and I delight in His presence. I adore Him and I bring Him my petitions and offer Him my praise. - John R. Rice

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Creator. If that offends you, you who want to steal the crown of deity from the head of Jesus Christ, go ahead and be offended. But just as certain as there is a God, Jesus Christ is the God-Man who was with the Father in the beginning, equal with God and the One to whom the Father turned over the creation of all things (Col. 1:16, 17), and the One to whom God has given the judgment of men later. - John R. Rice

Well, what about the million years and five billion years that people say it took for all this to evolve? That is the imagination of godless people who have no proof for it, and who do not choose to believe what the Bible says. - John R. Rice

"But, I believe in evolution," you may say. But you don't believe in evolution because of the evidence. You believe in it because you want to please infidels and unbelievers. You believe in it because you had rather take what man says than what God says, or for some other reason. There is no scientific proof of evolution. - John R. Rice

There are some very foolish people (foolish because they are not saved, foolish because they do not believe the Bible, foolish, then, because they twist their minds to find some way to criticize the Word of God), who say there are two conflicting accounts of creation. How silly! Millions and millions of Christians who have read this passage [Gn. 2:4-7] know that here we have simply a little recapitulation, a little more detailed account of the creation of man, and that it is the same creation but a second account. - John R. Rice

People think Christians ought always to be peaceful and quiet. We ought to be peaceful toward other good Christians but not peaceful toward the Devil and sin. Paul was anxious that they (the people at Philippi), with him, strive together for the faith of the Gospel. - John R. Rice

So sin grieves the Spirit. That means the Holy Spirit may be living in your body and makes all the promises true about you, but you don't know much about it.
That is like a woman I knew years ago. She was married to a poor, drunken, wicked, profane man. She lived in the same house with him and cooked his meals, but didn't have fellowship with him. She told me one time weeping, "I'm a Christian and I'm going to stay with him; I won't break up the home; but, how long! How long!"
Don't you suppose the Holy Spirit who lives in the same house with you sometimes says, "This fellow has no love for me"? So the Holy Spirit lives in the same house with you and in your body, but He doesn't get His way. He doesn't get all the attention. He doesn't get to lad you. You don't listen to Him talk.
So a Christian, rebuked by the Spirit, might come to feel, "Oh, I'm not saved," when actually you grieved the Spirit. - John R. Rice

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