Friday, January 08, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Anything that we pretend to do for God but in reality do it to influence and impress men, is hypocrisy! It is insincerity. - John R. Rice

There are preachers who say they are not called to teach, but they forget that one of the qualifications of a bishop is that he must be "apt to teach" (I Tim. 3:2). No man is fit to be a pastor who will not painstakingly, carefully, and persistently teach the people, feed them on the Word of God. Every good preacher must learn expository preaching and teach his people the Word. - John R. Rice

Every preacher should do evangelistic preaching. Every pastor should also feed the church of God. All of the Bible is good to preach and teach and not only a few evangelistic texts. Systematic and regular teaching of the Bible to all the church is a duty of every pastor. Feed the flock! - John R. Rice

Oh, God was planning, planning, planning, and promising and promising, and prophesying and prophesying about the coming of the dear Saviour, Christ to save sinners.
Why, the Lord pictured Him in every sacrifice in the Old Testament. He was pictured in the priesthood and in the offerings, pictured in the golden candlestick picturing Christ the Light of the world, burning in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is pictured in the shewbread picturing Christ the Bread from Heaven. He was pictured in the manna in the wilderness. He was pictured in Moses who foresaw that a prophet like unto him would God raise up.
Do you think all this planning would have been done and then God be slow to receive a penitent sinner? - John R. Rice

If you come to Jesus, it means a heart turning away from sin and letting Jesus have control. I have my finger on the trouble now. You want your own way, don't you? You say, "I want what is coming to me." Yes, you want to rule your own life and go on in your own sin. But that is going to lead you to Hell! Why don't you say today, "I will turn to Jesus"? - John R. Rice

So Jesus wept over the saved and the lost, and those who would be saved and those who would never be saved. He said, "I would--but ye would not." No sovereign choice here that some could not be saved! No, the universal conscience in the heart is a sign that God wants all to be saved. - John R. Rice

One of the first duties of a Christian is to set out day by day to be conscious of God's presence. I would seek it as I read in the Bible. I would open my heart for Him to speak to me. I would take every burden to the Lord. I would confess every known sin. I would draw nigh to God and find how He will draw nigh to you. Every day, "Seek ye the Lord." - John R. Rice

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