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Question of the Week: How Do Christians Face the Reality of Martyrdom?

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How Do Christians Face the Reality of Martyrdom?

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Facing the Reality of Martyrdom
With the rise of ISIS in recent years, the church has been visually reminded of the reality of martyrdom in this world. With current events shedding more light on Christian martyrdom, the church should be careful to cultivate a biblical view of this important and rich subject.
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New Year, New Logo

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Seventy Percent of Human Genes Traced Back to Acorn Worm?

Seventy Percent of Human Genes Traced Back to Acorn Worm?

Some think acorn worms, virtually unchanged since the Cambrian explosion, represent an evolutionary link between invertebrates and humans.

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The Statistics Are Alarming!

Anyone who knows me or the ministry of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and Ark Encounter, knows that we have a burden to see reformation in the church.

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