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Question of the Week: Does Your Pastor Avoid Genesis?

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Does Your Pastor Avoid Genesis? Help Him Stand on God's Word with These Tips


What If My Pastor Avoids Genesis?
What If My Pastor Avoids Genesis?
Why are Adam and Eve some of the last people to visit our churches? After all, Genesis is the starting point and foundation of God's revelation about redemption! Well, if you really want to open doors, you need to know the stumbling blocks pastors must overcome.
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Why Does God's Creation Include Death and Suffering?

Is Homo naledi a New Species of Human Ancestor?

From God's Word we know "nature" did not experiment "with how to evolve humans." We do not believe evidence supports a Homo designation for Homo naledi.

Already Gone

Already Gone

We can now identify the real answers as well as the causes affecting young people who leave the church.

Ken Ham

Meet Me at the Coming Virtual Event

Never been to our Creation Museum in the Cincinnati area? I will bring you to the museum—at an upcoming virtual event!

Ken Ham

Aliens in the Creation Museum?

Rather than focus on the promotion of evil this Halloween season, kids under 12 will be admitted free to the Creation Museum this October.

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