Friday, September 25, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Infidels in the pulpit are leading America to Hell! We need to come back to preach a Christianity that has an inspired Bible and has a divine Christ in it, a Christ who will call men to judgment if they do not repent. We need to preach to Christians to clean up and live like Christians. - John R. Rice

God has good things ahead for everyone who turns to trust in Jesus, Jew or Gentile. - John R. Rice

So, the coming of Christ is imminent. It may be at any moment. Jesus could come today. Oh, glad day, glad day! I won't have to halt and walk slowly nor stagger when I meet Him. I would take off these earphones. I wouldn't need these glasses anymore. Oh, it will be wonderful! And Jesus may come today. I will be so glad to see Him. But meantime, we must do what He said - watch for Christ's coming. - John R. Rice

What I am saying is that it is a sin for a man to defile his body. You would not need any other argument that that. What is wrong with cigarettes? If they defile your body, which is the temple of the Holy Ghost, then there is plenty wrong with them. - John R. Rice

Every Christian ought to feel this way: "If Jesus Christ lives in me, if the Holy Spirit of God lives in me, if I am God's church house, then what a sin to defile the body!"
That is what is wrong with dirty language. That is what is wrong with a lewd mind, with beer, with drunkenness. That is what is wrong with adultery. In a sense all sins are against God. but do you see that any sin which defiles this body is, in a special, intimate way, a sin against God because He dwells there? Don't you see what a sin it is for anybody to defile his body? - John R. Rice

God intended men to take the lead and for men to be as pure as anybody else. God never intended a woman to be more chaste than a man. God intended men to take the lead and to live clean. God intended your thoughts to be just as clean as any woman's. If you don't live like God intended you to live, then you are a hypocrite, a quitter, a slacker. Any man who expects a woman to live a purer and cleaner life than he lives is not trustworthy, not honest. If you don't live like you talk; if you have one set of moral standards for yourself and a higher one for your wife, you are plain crooked, an insincere hypocrite. God intended that men should live toward God with the body as something holy. "I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands." - John R. Rice

Did you know that the man ought to stand in the place of God in his home? May God give you the grace to do it. - John R. Rice

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