Friday, September 11, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

I have some arthritis in my right hand. It is not very bad. I take Bufferin tablets to keep down the pain. I do my work all right. It is a little hard to button my shirt and tie my tie with those fingers, but I get along fine. But I have thought: I would rather not keep this old body forever. It is getting old and has the infirmities and the slowing down that goes with a man of 81. I would rather, one of these good days, be young and strong again and well again, and have the vigor and youth and activity that I once had. It will be better to be with Christ some day. - John R. Rice

This old body is on the way to the grave. You had as well know that everybody born is doomed to die unless Jesus comes soon, unless he can be changed soon, because death abides in all, and so we are born to die. - John R. Rice

Was it right for Jesus to have her tell it before that crowd [Luke 8:41-50]? In Matthew 10:42 Jesus said, "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven." Yes sir! Do you think it is right to have a public invitation for people to come out openly to claim Christ as Saviour? Sure. Exodus 32 Moses stood and cried, "Who is on the LORD's side? let him come unto me." You mean come right out in public and stand by Moses? That is right- a public invitation. So Jesus asked publicly, "Who touched me?" And he required this woman to tell it. - John R. Rice

The truth is, there is no difference, for "all have sinned." Some are very respectable sinners going to Hell while others are very outrageous sinners going to Hell. But there is not any difference in the fact that all of us are sinners and need forgiveness. - John R. Rice

I don't know anything about God as good as this: He forgives sins! That God loved the world enough, and Jesus died and paid enough, and the sufferings of Christ were so great- these made it possible for God to forgive sins and still be just and honest. - John R. Rice

You say about those who are engaged in these demonstrations and shooting of policemen and looting of stores and burning of cities, "They are underprivileged." That is not what is wrong. It is their wicked hearts going against God and against organized society.
We need in America a turning back to God. - John R. Rice

If people, when they pretend to be for civil rights, have a right to burn a store or school or shoot at a policeman, then other people are going to do it, too. I'm just telling you, if we don't come back to God and righteousness and law-abiding in this country, the curse of God will bring ruin on this country. - John R. Rice

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