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Question of the Week: Did God create disease-causing microbes?

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October 29, 2011

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Q: Did God create disease-causing microbes?

A: Based on the creation account in Genesis, it appears that God originally made microbes to perform only beneficial functions. If so, one would expect many present-day bacteria to continue to perform their "very good" functions. Creation biologists predicted this and have documented examples.
What mechanism caused some microbes to go bad? Did God directly modify them, or did they change over time? At least three possible changes may have occurred, or a combination of all three:
  1. Displacement. Microbes were originally designed to perform beneficial functions in restricted places, but after the Fall they spread to other places and began to cause disruption and disease.
  2. Modification. Microbes were physically modified to become pathogenic (disease-causing).
  3. Uncontrolled growth. Their numbers were designed to remain within safe ranges, but now they fluctuate, causing either under- or over-population that results in disease and disruption of a once-balanced system.

Continue reading to further consider each of these possibilities and their biblical implications.

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iSteve: Steve Jobs and the innovations his creativity and determination have brought into this millennium abound. His recent death at 56 called to mind his 2005 speech when he said, "Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life." Read more.

Flapping robots: Tiny ground-based six-legged reconnaissance robots have trouble scrambling over inclines and obstacles, so Berkeley engineers Ronald Fearing and Kevin Peterson have been working on "a hybrid locomotion mode, where flapping wings and legs combine to propel the robot." Not content with peeking into the future, the engineers decided to team up with paleobiologist Robert Dudley for a peek into the past. Read more.


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