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Question of the Week: Can we know when Jesus will return?

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October 22, 2011

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Q: Can we know when Jesus will return?

A: May 21 came and went. There was no worldwide earthquake. There was no rapture. The Lord did not choose that day to return. Harold Camping once again demonstrated the biblical truth, "You know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming" (Matthew 25:13).
Unfortunately, like so many false prophets before him, Camping refuses to admit he was wrong. Instead, he has stated that Judgment Day really did occur—it was just a "spiritual" judgment—and Christ will actually return on October 21.
Harold Camping has given us a clear example of the absurdities one must go to in defense of an allegorical interpretation of the Bible. We urge you to simply take the Bible as it is written and to interpret a given passage according to the principles consistent with its particular genre. When we try to spiritualize a historical account or add in a double-meaning not clearly stated in scripture, we do injustice to the Word of God.

Continue reading about how to discern the difference between sound biblical teaching and eisegesis (reading ideas into the text).

News to Note Quick Look

Dinosaur tracks and people?: The ambiguous headline announcing a paper published in the Geological Bulletin of China has caused some folks to do a double take. Something was gained in the translation! Of course, the intended meaning is that humans coexist with the tracks. Read more.

Human clones: Remember Dolly? Dolly the sheep started life as an embryonic clone produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer. SCNT is a process in which the genome of an oocyte (egg cell) is replaced with the genome from a body cell. Researchers trying to find alternative sources of human embryonic stem cells have been trying to do the same thing, although their plan is to destroy the embryos while harvesting their stem cells, not to grow a cloned person. Read more.


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