Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You cannot be a good wife and mother and be selfish. - Sena Rice

Trusted men are always tempted men. Every time you climb higher you can fall further. - Unknown

Very few men are wise by their own counsel, or learned by their own teaching. For he that was only taught by himself had a fool for his master. - Ben Jonson

...nonsense remains nonsense even when talked by world-famous scientists. - John Lennox

A new pastor came to a great church in Washington, D.C., and a couple came to him and said, "We trust that you will not put too much emphasis on the blood. The last pastor we had talked so much about the blood, and we hope that you will not emphasize it too much." He answered, "You can be assured that I won't emphasize it too much." They looked pleased and thanked him for it. He said, "Wait a minute. It is not possible to emphasize it too much." And he continued to stress the blood. - J. Vernon McGee

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