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Question of the Week: How old is the solar system?

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January 15, 2011

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Q: How old is the solar system?

A: Evolutionists and young earth creationists both agree that the earth is about the same age as the solar system. Evolutionists believe that both formed spontaneously about 4.5 billion years ago. Young-earth creationists believe that the earth was formed on Day One and the rest of the solar system and universe on Day Four.
Ultimately, these two positions are based on foundational beliefs—man's authority versus God's authority. Evolutionary scientists start with man's ideas about the age of the earth and build their theories around a set of starting assumptions. These assumptions are then used to interpret the data from the different dating techniques that can be used to estimate the ages of the earth. The most popular of these methods uses radioactive isotopes to calculate the age of rocks, but there are other methods that do not agree with the interpretation of radiometric data. These other methods are often ignored or explained away by evolutionists.
Young earth creationists point to dating techniques that put a limit on the age of the earth and solar system. These methods include the strength of the earth's magnetic field, the amount of salt in the ocean, the history of human civilizations, and others to confirm the biblical models and show that the evolutionary models cannot be accurate. These methods establish a maximum age for many earth and space systems that is much too small to confirm the evolutionary age of 4.5 billion years.

Continue reading to learn more about the true age of the solar system—based on Scripture and supported by science—in chapter 5 of Evolution Exposed: Earth Science.

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