Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Good deeds are a result of what God has done for you, not a cause of your salvation. - Ravi Zacharias

And there loom menacingly about me and above me, to the left and right and rear, shelf upon shelf of books I acquired in hopeful days past and promised to read “immediately” that glare at me for my brazen neglect. They are not massed in squads or platoons or companies, but in whole battalions. Should they mount an offensive, I fear my position will prove untenable! - Doug Kutilek

Prayer is not a religious activity- it is a relational necessity. - Evangelist Tim Thompson

If the book of Nehemiah teaches anything it teaches that the presence of conflict does NOT mean that God is not in it. - Pastor Rick Jackson

The paralytic in John 5 "had a desire for health but needed someone to do for him what he could not do for himself." Why is it easier for children, as opposed to adults, to trust Christ for salvation? "It is easier for a child to rely on others because he has done so all his life." - Bill Rice III

How can you get to Heaven on your own? You don't even know where it is! - Rice

What is worse than 38 years of disease [Jn. 5:14]? Worse for a Christian is the loss of victory in your life as a child of God. For me not to have victory, in God's sight, is worse than to be sick for 38 years. Nothing is more important than your relationship with God! - Rice

Not being right with God makes you worse off than if you were not healthy. Spiritual health is more important than physical well-being. - Rice

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