Saturday, September 25, 2010

Question of the Week: Are dino footprints evidence of evolution?

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September 25, 2010

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Q: Are dino footprints evidence of evolution?

Answers Magazine 5-4A: Dinosaur footprints create an apparent dilemma for creationists. How could they ever be made and fossilized during the Flood?
After all, with the Flood waters covering the entire earth, the dinosaurs would have nowhere to walk. Even if they did, the churning waters would erode away any footprints left behind. Secular geologists and skeptics often raise this question and are sometimes scathing in their mockery.
Biblical geologists, on the other hand, say it is the conventional geologists who, in fact, face a dilemma. If geologic change takes place slowly, surely footprints made in mud would be obliterated by wind and rain long before the prints were covered by new sediments and hardened into rock.

So who has a dilemma? Continue reading to find out and explore a specific case of fossilized dinosaur footprints discovered in Israel.

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Answers for Women with Georgia PurdomJoin Answers for Women (a ministry outreach of Answers in Genesis) and women's author and speaker Georgia Purdom for a webinar and live chat on the topic of Eve. Eve was the original bad girl of the Bible. Her legacy was one of sin and despair. The curse God pronounced affects our parenting and marriages even today.
But Eve has another legacy—one of salvation and hope. Through her seed came Jesus Christ the Redeemer of man. Understanding Eve and how God worked in and through her gives us hope for today. You'll discover that where sorrow and despair abound, God's love and mercy abound still more, and lead us to a life marked by hope in the Creator whose Word is true and who keeps His promises.
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News to Note Quick Look

Divine divide: A recently reported study by meteorologist Carl Drews has suggested a way in which the waters of the Red Sea could have parted "naturally." Such an explanation might leave God with credit for the timing of the event, but little else. Read more.

Nuanced Neanderthals: New research concludes that, consistent with the biological evidence, the Neanderthals were quite human. Read more.


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