Thursday, September 09, 2010

Poem of the Week - The Bar


The name of each saloon is bar,

The fittest of its names by far.

A bar to Heaven, a door to hell;

Whoever named it, named it well.

A bar to manliness and wealth,

A door to want and broken health.

A bar to honor, pride, and fame,

A door to grief, sin, and shame.

A bar to hopes, a bar to prayers,

A door to darkness and despair.

A bar to honored, useful life,

A door to brawling, senseless strife.

A bar to all that’s true and brave,

A door to every drunkard’s grave.

A bar to joy that home imparts,

A door to tears and aching hearts.

A bar to Heaven, a door to hell,

Whoever named it named it well.

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