Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sumner Devotional

This will encourage you, look what God did


Remember in Acts 8, Philip led the Ethiopian to Christ and the Holy Spirit caught Philip away and we do not know what ever happened to the Ethiopian? Then the Lord Jesus saw that woman at the well in John 4 get saved, she left and brought the whole city of Sychar to the Lord Jesus. What about followup? God does a great job when we can't followup every person.

"Report all things that God had done with them" Acts 14:27. Let me rehearse something wonderful God just did.

Do you remember the email I sent right after Thanksgiving about the florist? A 65 year old man delivered flowers to my wife. I graciously asked if he knew for sure he was going to heaven. He said, "I am doing all I can to get there." He had just taught a S.S. class for two weeks and was not even saved.

If you remember, I shared the gospel and it was awesome the way God opened his eyes to see you are not saved by what you do but by trusting what the Lord Jesus did when He died for our sins, paid out debt in full and rose again. He prayed to receive the Lord Jesus as his Savior and was gloriously saved. He thanked me 5 times for sharing the gospel with him and then said, "God led me to you today." You always wish you could follow up and know what happens to people like that.

The day before mothers day, a week ago, this same man, James, delivered flowers to our house again. (Coincidence? No!) Celeste went to the door and he asked if I was there, that he wanted to-pray for me. When I saw him, we hugged and rejoiced together. When I told him I was really hurting with the shingles, he prayed. I wish you could have heard him. He reached all the way to heaven, got hold of God and prayed like you seldom hear today. God had transformed this man. Now that is sheer ecstasy and that is the way it ought to be.

O dear people, that is the way to change this old world. GOD WANTS YOU TO YOU BE A SOUL WINNER. He said so, when He said, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." He wants to use YOU to see this happen over and over. He leads the people to us and we must lead them to Christ. This is the "meat" most Christians never taste-John 4:32. You and I must get in on it. This is my passion for you.

Father, bless Your child reading this and help them to give the gospel to the people You send their way, in Jesus name.



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