Friday, June 11, 2010


We were not saved to be made happy but to be made holy. - Vance Havner

The Rest of the Quotes were taken from RBC's Discovery Series Booklet "The Forgiveness of God". Visit their website at for more information and/or resources.

God's anger is not a denial of His love. His anger means He cares too much to ignore the harm we are doing to ourselves and to one another. Woven into the greatest love story the world has ever known is the unfolding drama of a God who loves enough to hate evil.

We need to remember that this forgiveness [the forgiveness for all our sins through Christ's substitutionary death, burial and resurrection-Rick] is not universally applied. It is given only to those who personalize God's mercy. Like medicine, forgiveness must be taken to be effective.

God's ability to forgive is greater than our ability to forget.

The repentance that God requires has already occurred by the time we put our faith in Christ.

The Bible makes it clear that baptism is an evidence of salvation, not a requirement for it.

Rather than being a condition for forgiveness, good works are the fruit and evidence of a forgiven life.

God does not forgive unconditionally. First He grants legal pardon to those who meet the condition of acknowledging their sin and believing in His Son. Then He extends family forgiveness to those sons and daughters who confess their sin and seek to be restored to the Father (I Jn. 1:9).

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