Friday, June 25, 2010


A sinning man will stop praying and a praying man will stop sinning. - Unknown

Sometimes we cannot stand prosperity because it leads us astray. - Russell Larramore [Gideon]

The guide for success in the Christian life is always the Bible; the decision necessary for success is always obedience. - Evangelist Troy Carlson

Life in Jesus is not wrapped up in what we do, it's wrapped up in what He did. - Larramore

Spiritual decisions plus spiritual discipline equals spiritual growth. - Pastor Jim Schettler

The point (to consider) is not WHEN you meet God but the fact that you WILL meet God. - Evangelist Bill Rice III

...a wife should submit (to her own husband) in everything, which means all the time. There’s no submitting on the little things and fighting it out on the big things. A wife acquiesces every time there is disagreement. So wives, how are we doing? Are we submitting graciously, just as the church submits to Christ’s headship? Are we submitting in everything so our homes will have the unity God intends? Start now. On the next issue of disagreement, voluntarily defer to your husband’s wishes (you won’t feel like giving in, but do it anyway). There’s a certain freedom in such biblical submission: if a mistake of judgment is made, the responsibility for the error becomes the husband’s; it is the wife’s job simply to defer, and that’s all God expects of her. As I once heard a pastor say (quoting another speaker, without giving credit, unfortunately): “Submission is simply ducking low enough for God to smack your husband.” This, dear women, is freedom. - Kathy Green

You evangelists had better take small meetings and have good meetings than to get big meetings by compromising … You servants of Christ ought to stay true even if you have to go hungry ... Remember, the devil will compromise. God won’t ... Some of our Bible-believing preachers have had their character bankrupted by the pressure of the ecclesiastical machine and without stopping to realize just what they were doing, they have been a party to an influence and dictatorship that chokes the spiritual life out of the churches and suppresses the evangelistic impulses of men who have been called of God to do the job. - Bob Jones, Sr.

[Charles]Spurgeon, on an occasion when he was being criticized for a “sameness” in his sermons, confessed, “Per­haps they are right. It is true that no matter where I take my text, whether it be in the Old Testament or the New, I immediately head across country to Jesus Christ, and preach Him and His saving grace.” What a beautiful ex­ample for aspiring preachers in the twenty-first century to follow! - Evangelist R.L. Sumner

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