Thursday, April 29, 2010


If following God means you have to compromise with His word then you are not following God. Pastor Mark Williams

We’re not suggesting you move out of the will of God. You be a pastor- you’ve got a fight on your hands. You be a missionary -you’ve got a fight on your hands. It’s going to be rough, tough, don’t do it if you can do anything else! But if the Holy Spirit of God constrains you- don’t do anything else! - Jack Wyrtzen, the man God used to found Word of Life

When God leads, He doesn't always lead over clover. He doesn't lead through pathways strewn with flowers. He doesn'r always lead going downhill. He doesn't always lead by removing the stones. Because everything is going easy in your life doesn't mean my friend, that you're in God's will. - J. Vernon McGee

It is essential at this point to state emphatically that Marx and his comrades, while anti-God, were not atheists, as present-day Marxists claim to be. That is, while they openly denounced and reviled God, they hated a God in whom they believed. They challenged not His existence, but His supremacy. When the revolution broke out in Paris in 1871, the Communard Flourens declared, "Our enemy is God. Hatred of God is the beginning of wisdom." - Richard Wurmbrand

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