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Back at the Ranch - May Letter

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Back at the Ranch 
April 2010

Dear Friend,

Over the past few years, the Lord has provided for us to install air-conditioning in the dining hall and, recently, to begin the process of air-conditioning the camper cabins as well. We are grateful to report that we believe we have what we need to finish the essentials of air-conditioning for all the camper cabins except for Heidi Mount Lodge. While it is still our plan to finish this also, let me tell you exactly what it will take to be sure that we can finish.
In order to complete the Heidi Mount air-conditioning project, we will need time, skill, and money. Thankfully, as of today (April 20), we do still have the necessary time, though that window is closing. We also have friends who have the skill to get the job done. We are grateful for this as well, since such help is sometimes hard to come by this time of year.
The key, then, to making all of this work is simply money! I have been encouraged by friends and churches who have given toward this goal in the last few days. All have given generously; some have given sacrificially.
Air-conditioning work at the Ranch The cost to finish the air-conditioning in Heidi Mount is $6,500. This amount will cover everything needed to get the job done, including preparation, equipment, and labor. Would you take this moment to prayerfully consider helping? We trust the Lord for this need, so anything He would put on your heart would make a difference in reaching this goal. Please designate your gift to the "AC Project."
None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something if God should so lead. The amount one gives is important, but not nearly as important as the time in which he gives. We now have the time to finish this project if we have the money to do so.
This amount is above and beyond the already significant amount needed for salaries, other projects, and daily/monthly expenses. We thank God for those who have stepped up to give time, money, prayers, and skill that exceed the normal. They understand that this opportunity is limited.
In the past year, thousands of dollars have been given toward the air-conditioning project. While I do not know exactly how all the remaining elements will come together in the next month, I do know Who is in control of the elements. God always takes care of us, and the friends He has given us are a reminder of that care! Thank you so much for your prayers and for your interest in this ministry.

Your friend,
Wil Rice IV,
Bill Rice Ranch, Inc. 
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