Monday, April 12, 2010

God's Word Never Fails

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Isaiah 34:16 "Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them."

Do you remember Y2K? Y2K was easily the biggest disappointment in two thousand years! Maybe you bought some free-range chickens or a bomb shelter, or perhaps you picked up one of the many books on "the impending doom." Much was made about Y2K, but it was much ado about nothing. In time, people become skeptical after hearing, reading, and getting anxious about things, if those things do not come true.
Unfortunately, people have done the same thing with the Bible. There have been several books written on why the Lord will return in a given year. People became skeptical because the Lord didn't come back in 1987 . . . or 1988 and so on. But God has not failed, and His Word has not failed. People sometimes do fail, but God never does.

God's Word will never fail; it never misses. None of us would like to hear every word played back that we will say today. (Incidentally, if you are like me, you do have a recorder that will play back everything you say--it's called a kid!) Why? Because our words can "miss" and we can disappoint and fail.

Whether good or bad, God's Word will not miss. In chapter 34 of Isaiah, there are some frightening prophecies of God's judgment to come. God's Word will come true. It will not miss the mark just because it seems unpalatable. But that is also true for good. In chapter 35 you will read about deserts blossoming, blind men seeing, deaf men hearing, everlasting joy and gladness. You can be encouraged in knowing that these things will come to pass because God's Word will not fail.

What should you do in light of this truth? You ought to seek it, read it, and heed it.

Seek it--find God's Word. Seeking requires time, and there is no reason to not know what God has said.

Next, read it--find what it says. I am learning that thinking about God's Word (meditation) is vital to getting something each day from God's Word. Lately, I have begun walking after I read God's Word so I can meditate on it.

Lastly, heed it--do what it says. It does not matter how much you know if you are not doing what you know.

We are accountable for what we do; and we are even more accountable for what we know. So seek it, read it, and heed it. Why? Because God's Word never fails--it never has and it never will.

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