Thursday, April 15, 2010

Look what Prophecy can do for You


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Apr 14, 2010

Look what prophecy will do for you!


Look what God did today
"Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest" John 4:35.
A month ago we went looking at carpet for our patio. Today we went to place an order. It is amazing how we finally ended up at a little Mom and Pop's carpet dealer. It was obvious to us that God led us there.
The owners daughter

Penny's mother and father started the business and were now passed on. She has been through so many heartbreaks. After we finished our ordering, I gave her a tract. Then gently I asked if she knew for sure she was going to heaven. She did not.
The gospel cube

As I presented the gospel through the cube tears began flowing from her eyes. When I showed Christ dying on the cross for our sins, God broke her heart and then opened her eyes to understand He loved her and Christ died for her sins, paid her debt in full and rose again. By now she was bawling.
She prayed to receive the Lord Jesus When I asked if she understood it and did it make sense, she responded positively. She bowed her head and prayed out loud to receive the Lord Jesus. When we finished, her face was beaming and the tears were flowing now from the joy in her heart. She got up and she and my wife and I hugged and rejoiced together for several minutes.
For thirty minutes

We went over how to grow spiritually. She drank it in and cried all the time, with the joy of the Lord in her heart. She thanked us over and over for telling her how to be saved.
O dear people. Prophecy about the future of us in heaven the lost in hell ought to compel us to share the gospel. God wants all of us to have this great joy of leading people to Christ. I just had to share with you what God did today.
And I love you, all because the Lord Jesus suffered and died for our sins, paid our debt in full and rose again so we can be forgiven and go to heaven, sumner. Do you believe in that alone for your salvation? Believe and pray to receive Him as your Savior right now. "He that has the Son, has life"
"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few." Matt 9:37

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