Tuesday, December 29, 2009


CEO Christians. (Christmas and Easter Only) - unknown

The economic turmoil that has resulted from living off resources we didn't have and borrowing that which we could not repay is a consequence of our moral indulgence: We have made moral decisions based on a worldview that has no foundation and that is demanding repayment. We are facing bankruptcy of a different kind. - Ravi Zacharias

Arctic River Christians. (Frozen at the mouth)

Pastors tend to be very easy targets of criticism, but over the years I have worked closely enough with a number of them to appreciate the demands their calling places upon their lives on a daily basis. - J.M. Njoroge

Another aspect of despair is hopelessness, the kind that can spring from a feeling of failure or a feeling that things will never improve or maybe even from from physical and mental/emotional exhaustion. The cure may be as simple as a good night's rest or a weekend getaway to the need to recognize God's daily graciousness and goodness to us. With that renewed perspective we ought to be able to do our work "heartily, as to the lord, and not unto men " (Col. 3:23. -Dr. Royce Short

Finish the job. - Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.

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