Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quotes of the Week

God does not ease our fears by affirming our abilities; He eases our fears by confirming His presence. - Evangelist Wil Rice

It is a hundred to one when a reader does not find the Apostle Paul logical, that he is not understanding his thought. - F. Godet

There is enough of a revelation from God in creation that it should have kept ancient man from idolatry and modern man from atheism. - J. Vernon McGee

Man's history does not indicate any degree of evolution, but it does declare a sordid record of revolution. - J. Vernon McGee

Men are not saved by the light that they have. Men are judged by the light that they have.  - J. Vernon McGee

The boast of the Roman Catholic Church that it is founded on Peter as the rock, and that the Roman Bishop is the successor of St. Peter, is all the merest twaddle. We have no means of knowing whether any apostle visited Rome until Paul himself was taken there in chains. - Harry A. Ironside

The picture of heathenism in its unspeakable obscenities is not over-drawn, as any one acquainted with the lives of idolatrous people will testify. The awful thing is that all this vileness and filthiness is being reproduced in modern high society where men and women repudiate God. - H. A. Ironside

To praise virtue while practicing vice may enable one to get by with his fellows, but it will not deceive Him who is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity. - H. A. Ironside

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