Tuesday, November 01, 2016

J. Vernon McGee Quotes of the Week

[from his commentary on Deuteronomy]

There is a great deal said in the Scriptures about the Christian's walk and very little said about the Christian's sitting down. We need to lay hold on God's promises. - J. Vernon McGee

We should not think we are immune to idolatry today. We tend to think we are such enlightened folks that we would not fall down and worship an idol. Can we be so sure about that, friends? Anything, anything that comes between our souls and God becomes an idol. I know a young man - I saw him grow up in the church and seemingly become a sweet Christian. Later he became a member of a large corporation. Because he had wonderful ability, he began to move up in the organization. The farther he moved up in the corporation, the farther he moved away from God. Today his job comes first. I was holding meetings in a distant city where he lives, and he invited Mrs. McGee and me for dinner, for old time's sake. He made it very clear to me that he would not be able to come to any of the meetings because of his business. Business, his position, his advancements - they had become his idol, his god. Talk about worship! He fell down before that idol seven days a week!
Anything that comes between your soul and God is your idol. - J. Vernon McGee

Moses is human, and wouldn't he have been apt to choose one of his own sons to succeed him? That was the way the Pharaohs did down in Egypt, and it would be natural for Moses to do the same thing. So God chose Joshua to lead them over the Jordan. Moses is no longer essential.
That has a great lesson for us. It teaches that none of us are essential to God's program. God uses each man in his own time, but when the time of work for the man is finished, God's work still goes on.
I can remember a pastor, who was up in years, told me, "I just can't retire because I am so essential to this work." Since then he died in the harness, but the interesting thing is that the work prospered more after he died than it had before. We may think we are essential, but we are not. When the time comes for us to step aside, God will raise up someone else. - J. Vernon McGee

We are all greatly influenced by music. Right now some of the music that is getting into our churches is a disgrace, according to this poor preacher's opinion. Someone needs to speak out against it. The music must say something, must have a message that will draw people closer to the Lord Jesus. Too much of our music attempts to reach the modern generation all right, but fails to meet them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. - J. Vernon McGee

In one sense God is the Father of all mankind because He created all mankind. When God created Adam he was called a son of God, but Adam sinned. After that, none of the offspring of Adam are called the sons of God unless they have become sons of God by faith in Jesus Christ. - J. Vernon McGee

Moses, the representative of the Law, the lawgiver, cannot enter into the land. Legalism is actually a hindrance. The law is a revealer, not a remover of sin. The Law cannot save. The Law could not bring Moses into the land. The Law cannot bring us into the place of blessing. - J. Vernon McGee

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