Friday, July 24, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Unless one starts with the plain, honest intention to take the Bible at face value and not argue against any clear statements in the Bible, of course he cannot expect to come out right. - John R. Rice

It is never right to use one Scripture against another or to interpret one Scripture to contradict another. - John R. Rice

No Scripture ever contradicts another Scripture, if it be rightly interpreted. - John R. Rice

And let me say that the more one relies on water, the less he relies on the blood. The more one relies on baptism, the less he relies on Christ. Any act of righteousness that one depends on becomes a snare. - John R. Rice

No religion which denies the deity of Christ can be a Christian religion. It is infidelity, pure and simple. - John R. Rice

Now ceremonial laws may be commanded to one group of people and not commanded to others, but the moral law is for all alike. The law against murder is certainly true for everybody, but the law commanding circumcision is only for the Jews. Therefore, it is ceremonial law. Likewise the law that Jews should keep the Sabbath is a ceremonial law because it is expressly given as a sign between God and Jews to set them apart from others. Any command that is restricted to a particular group of people and is not given to others is thereby proven to be a ceremonial law. - John R. Rice

The Jewish Sabbath is ceremonial law because it is not written in the heart, and moral law is always written in the heart and conscience. Romans 2:14, 15 shows that Gentiles have the moral law of God written in their hearts or consciences and that God will hold Gentiles accountable for that moral law even when they do not have a Bible. - John R. Rice

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