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How can you make "Independence" Day your "Dependence" Day?

Happy "Dependence" Day from Answers in Genesis


Dependence Day
Dependence Day
Many people have fallen for the lie that they do not need to depend on anyone in this life. Our sinful nature leads us to think we can determine truth apart from God, including the idea that if we are "good enough," then God will let us in to heaven. But they are gravely mistaken.
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Bok Review: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

Book Review: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

Author Tim Mahoney's faith was shaken by scholars who claimed the Exodus described in the Bible never happened, until he discovered its biblical place in time.

Giant Panda's Vegetarian Plight: An Evolutionary Dilemma?

Giant Panda's Vegetarian Plight: An Evolutionary Dilemma?

The giant panda's adaptations for its specialized herbivorous diet may have fit it for its environment through the ordinary processes of natural selection.

Ken Ham

We Need To Build an Ark As a Sign To the World

Do you know what we need to do in response to the Supreme Court decision about same-sex "marriage"? We need to build an Ark—a life-size Ark.

Ark Encounter

Gourd Patch on the Ark Encounter Property

We have a huge patch where we are growing fifteen varieties of gourds. We plan to use these gourds as props inside the Ark.

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The Tower of Babel
Can the "Story" Be Trusted Today?
After Eden Preview Answers With Ken Ham Radio
Children's Ministry Conference
Answers for Pastors
College Expo
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