Saturday, June 27, 2015

Question of the Week: How Will You Use Your Extra Second This Month?

How Will You Use Your Extra Second This Month?


Leap Second
Leap Second
At the end of the day on June 30 this year there will be a leap second. That is, we will insert an additional second into our time reckoning. If you don't update your clocks at that time, your clocks will be one second fast. OK, this won't matter to most people, but there is a fascinating connection to creation in this story.
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Supreme Court Affirms Gay

Supreme Court Affirms Gay "Marriage"

Sadly, the Supreme Court has decided to affirm gay "marriage." This decision will fundamentally change the culture of America.

Should Christians Be Marketing Their Message?

Should Christians Market Their Message?

We have the most important message in the universe, and yet it seems to me that many Christians think it's wrong to "market" things.

Ken Ham

How Accurate Will The Good Dinosaur Be?

Even though The Good Dinosaur is a fictional movie, it will sadly reinforce the false beliefs about dinosaurs children are often taught.

Ark Encounter

Items of Interest

As our designers and artists work on props, other people have been contracted to help in the production of animal specimen that will be displayed on the Ark.

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