Friday, June 12, 2015


You ask, "Can a Christian get by with sin?" Oh, no! For example, a father may whip his children, but they are still his children. God chastens His children- "every son that he receives," the Bible says. There will be a judgment seat and varying rewards for those who served God. But saved people are in the family of God and are taken to Heaven. That part can't be undone. It is by the grace of God. It is the gift of God, the Scriptures say. - John R. Rice

The only way to get into the wedding feast in Heaven is to have on a certain garment. What kind? The white righteousness of Jesus. He laid it aside, so that I could put it on. He took the place of a sinner, so I could take the place of a righteous one. And that garment, the pure, stainless righteousness of Jesus, will get you to Heaven. And so one who has trusted in Jesus, and is depending on His substitutionary death and atonement, is saved forever. - John R. Rice

Salvation is the most important thing anyone could ever get settled. But it is unfortunate that because some people do not understand the Bible and because they are looking at the carnal side and, because they know that they don't deserve eternal salvation, they just hope they make it. They don't feel as if they will lose salvation, but they fear they might. People have some strange teachings. Though Jesus died and paid the whole debt, and though God promised everlasting life, yet these think perhaps some should be lost. These with that idea go looking in the Bible trying to find something that is not there. They say, "My denomination teaches that you are liable to lose your salvation." So they try to find some Scriptures that seem to teach that one can lose salvation. They find some, and they misinterpret them. - John R. Rice

Now when I get to Heaven, if anybody goes around saying, "Look at me. I made it! I did all the things that needed to be done! I earned it. And I am here because I did." I have an agreement with the Angel Gabriel that we are going to pitch you over the bannisters. Nobody will be in Heaven except those who praise the dear Lord Jesus, and give Him all the credit for getting us poor sinners there. - John R. Rice

There is no such thing as being victorious without being surrendered. If you are really surrendered to the will of God and willing to do what He wants you to do, then you have a right to ask His help. - John R. Rice

The Bible has proved itself, to me, to be the infallible Word of God. In the original manuscripts and as it has been correctly copied and translated, it is accurate in matters of doctrine, science, and history, perfect in morals, the very Word of God. One may safely rely on every promise and should earnestly seek to obey every command and joyfully surrender to every hint of the will of God revealed in the Bible. - John R. Rice

Plenary inspiration means complete inspiration, that is, inspiration without flaw and mistake and failure. Verbal inspiration means that in the original manuscripts, God gave the very words of the Scripture so that not only the thought, but also the very words are God's words. (Inspiration does not speak of translation, or copying, but of course of the original manuscripts.) Thus you see that actual plenary and verbal inspiration are the same thing. Complete inspiration would include the words. However the term "verbal" inspiration is probably the best term, since it insists on the words, as the Scriptures do. - John R. Rice

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