Friday, June 05, 2015


To follow a man as an idol, right or wrong, is sin, and leads to twisting of Scriptures to excuse the sin. - John R. Rice

You can have the Christian character and strength you need if you take plenty of time with the Word of God and meditate on it continually. - John R. Rice

I can tell you're not two-faced. If you had two faces you'd wear the other one! - John R. Rice as told by Tom Wallace on 7-20-1982

For by one offering he [Jesus] hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. Heb. 10:14
What does "sanctified" mean? It means that everybody who believes in Jesus is already set apart for Heaven and has eternal life. Well, doesn't it matter how we live? Oh yes, doing right always matters. Sin is punished and there is always sadness in sin. I am not taking up for sin; I am just taking up for Jesus who saves poor sinners like you and me who do not deserve salvation. John R. Rice

The truth is, those who do not understand about the eternal safety, eternal security of God's people, do not understand how people get to be children of God. You misunderstand. The question is not on the keeping but on the saving. If you understand what kind of salvation Jesus gives- that it is all paid for, that is because of His grace and not because of our deservings, because He is faithful and not because of our faithfulness-you wouldn't have doubts on this matter. God keeps His children- born-again children- forever. - John R. Rice

Someone says, "I am going to take Jesus as an example." That is well and good. But you have to have a Jesus heart before you can have a Jesus walk or a Jesus life. - John R. Rice

Christians don't always do all that they ought to do. But He said, "My sheep hear my voice." I thank God that, though I have not followed Him as I ought, even from childhood, in early days as just a young convert, in my heart something burned when I did wrong, and made me wish that I were better, and made me want to do right. I wanted to be like God's people. I wanted to hear the voice of the Saviour. Not perfectly, I know. Well, a sheep is not a perfect sheep just because he goes along with the shepherd. But Jesus said, "I know my sheep." - John R. Rice

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