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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Does the creation model make predictions?

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February 15, 2014

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Q: Does the creation model make predictions?

A: In the historic debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, Nye insisted repeatedly that the creation model was not scientific and that it did not make predictions. First of all, it is important to recognize that in the vast majority of cases in science, creationists and evolutionists would make the same predictions. Second, the creation model, unlike evolutionary models, is very tightly constrained by Scripture that must be accounted for without wiggle room.
As Christians, we should have the courage and conviction to believe that what the Bible says about creation is true. Then, when we encounter evidence that at first appears to support evolution, we will not doubt the Scripture. Instead, we will press on to figure out the flaws in the evolutionary argument. There have been numerous times in my life when I have been confronted with evidence for evolution that seemed really compelling, but if I struggled with it and waited, eventually I (or someone else) found the flaw. This reinforces my faith in the God who made the universe.
Read the whole article by Dr. David Dewitt to consider specific examples of creation scientists making predictions with reference to Neanderthals' place in human history.

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Geneticists Duel Over Dates for "Y-Chromosomal Adam": Molecular clock dates were too old to suit the evolutionary story.
The Bible Wins the Debate with Carbon-Dated Camel Bones: "There is a book . . ." Ken Ham reminded Nye at the recent debate, and the Bible's history is history we can trust.

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This week Steve Ham talks with AiG curriculum writer and editor Roger Patterson to answer the question, "How Does the Gap Theory Try to Accommodate Millions of Years?"

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