Saturday, December 28, 2013

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What if my pastor avoids Genesis?

Quick answer- change pastors or change churches. - Rick
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December 28, 2013

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Q: What if my pastor avoids Genesis?

A: Every shepherd should be zealous to protect his sheep. Why do they remain silent on the controversy about evolution and millions of years or refuse to teach Genesis as straightforward, literal history? If pressed, they will probably insist that this issue, especially the age of the creation, really isn't important.
The main problem is that most pastors have never recognized and carefully considered the foundational issues at stake here. Few books provide pastors with clear arguments explaining why compromise on the history of Genesis 1–11 undermines people's trust in the truth, clarity, and authority of Scripture, and ultimately undermines the foundation of the gospel itself.
Answers in Genesis has produced many helpful resources to equip the church and its leaders. A good starting place is Ken Ham's book The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years, his brief web article "The 'God' of an Old Earth," or the DVD Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From?
Read the whole article by Dr. Terry Mortenson to discover more reasons why pastors may fail to teach Genesis and more ways to help them be more faithful shepherds. Above all, pray for courage for your pastors to believe and proclaim the truth.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedThe Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years
Most pastors are readers, so if they can read just one book, Ken Ham's The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years has proven effective for 25 years (just updated). This classic lays out in simple terms how compromise has opened the door for our generation's rejection of Scripture and the gospel.

News to Know Quick Look

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After Eden

After Eden

Answers . . . with Ken Ham radio program

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This week Steve Ham talks with AiG speaker Bodie Hodge to answer the question, "How Shall We Help our Children Understand the Real History of Christmas?"

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Molecular Evidence for Creation, Part 3
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