Wednesday, October 02, 2013


1 Tm. 6:2b-12                                                     Pastor Rick Jackson


Going through my papers I came across a 5 by 8 card with the word “Contentment” written across the top in my Grandfather Loudon’s handwriting. Underneath that was written 3 points- the 3 major points of our message tonight. Granddad was an early encourager in my faith when some other family members were against it.



I. “Realizing God has given everything I Need for my present happiness.”


1. The Bible Standard for Self-Esteem [1 Tm. 6:2b-6]


2. The Bible Standard for Physical Need [1 Tm. 6:6-10]


3. The Bible Standard for Spiritual Need [1 Tm. 6:9-14]



II. “If I’m not satisfied with what I have I probably would not be satisfied with what I want.”


1.  The Forever Unsatisfied [Proverbs 27:20, Eccles. 5:10]


2. The Present Satisfaction [Psalm 65:1-4, Matthew 10:23-26]


3.  The Future Satisfaction [Psalm 17:15, 1 John 3:2]

“Learn to be satisfied with whatever state you’re in” Philippians 4:11

III. “Knowing the more I release earthly possessions the more I can appreciate what is inside -that is important.”


1. The Perception of Contentment [2 Cor. 4:18]


2. The Philosophy of Contentment [Mt. 6:25]


3. The Person of Contentment [Mt. 6:26-34]

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