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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Why is research important?

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August 3, 2013

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Q: Why is research important?

A: The up-to-date research from our creation scientists and scholars helps keep our speakers and writers equipped with the latest information and arguments—all from a biblical starting point. Last week at the Answers Mega Conference, some of the newest research was presented by highly qualified creation scientists.
This Answers Research Summit was an in-depth, technical conference geared toward updating our audience with insightful research that will help them understand the world from a biblical perspective. The secular world continues to spread its message of evolutionary-worldview-driven interpretations  through public schools, media, and many other places, so it is important to combat that false teaching with truth based on God's Word.
Read the whole article to see a summary of the various sessions on biology and geology along with introductory videos from the speakers.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedThe Global Flood: Unlocking Earth's Geologic History
For some, the thought of a worldwide flood is ludicrous. But for serious scientists who research the various formations of the earth and the catastrophic processes that shaped the world we see around us today, the evidence of a global flood is indisputable.
The Global Flood presents that evidence in a way that clearly demonstrates why the biblical account of the Flood matters to all who want to understand and communicate the truth with confidence.

News to Know Quick Look

War or Peace? The Evolutionary History of Human Nature: A recent study by anthropologists expressing a completely different version of mankind's evolutionary history threatens to return anthropologists to the arena to settle their differences.
Special Report: West Nile Virus—Will It Strike the States Hard Again? Last year in the United States, 286 people died from this mosquito-borne disease. Have mosquitos always been the scourge of mankind?
How Did Birds Get To Be So Smart: Are they "feathered apes"? God also endowed many animals with great intelligence, but that does not mean intelligence evolved in man, bird, or beast.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers . . . with Ken Ham radio program

Answers Conversation podcast

This week, Ken Ham continues his discussion with his brother Steve Ham, exploring the question, How must we teach apologetics to our children? Part 2. They share family memories growing up with their godly parents in Australia.

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Genesis, Babel, and the Chinese Language, Part 3
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Pray for AiG

Pray for Ken Ham, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and Dr. Andrew Snelling who will all speak at the 2013 International Conference on Creationism (August 4–8) in Pittsburg, PA.


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