Friday, July 19, 2013

Preach the gospel to EVERY person

by the late Sumner Wemp

Subject: Preach the gospel to EVERY person


Celeste and I landed in Korea back in the 80's with 75 students for meetings. After a welcome and orientation for the meetings, we had some time and went for a walk just outside the compound. Two men from America were walking too.
 We met them and had a good talk and then I shared the gospel with them. God opened their hearts and both received the Lord and were joyously saved. One burst into tears and confessed he had lived terribly and been unfaithful to his wife, He confessed all of that to the Lord and got God's forgiveness and blessing. They both thanked us and had God's peace and our blessing.
God told you and me to preach the gospel to EVERY person. You and I MUST get the gospel to everyone we can. This is the only way we are going to change any of the world. "The harvest is plenteous." Reaping is thrilling. I hope you get in on it.

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