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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Did the Ark have a sail?

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June 8, 2013

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Q: Did the Ark have a sail?

A: Since the Bible does not give us detailed blueprints for the structure, we are left to speculate on how it may have looked. Our Ark design is based on the biblical data and extensive research into ancient shipbuilding. The "sail" on our Ark is a rigid wooden structure rather than a traditional sail that can be moved for propulsion purposes. Rather than calling it a "sail," it would be more accurate to call it a stem post projection or a bow fin. This design is reminiscent of many ancient ships.
Continue reading to learn how this feature may have helped to stablize the Ark in the waters of the Flood.

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News to Know Quick Look

Seabird Study Said To Solve the Evolutionary Mystery of Flightlessness: Evolutionary scientists have long puzzled about how penguins evolved their flightlessness and exceptional diving skills. A biomechanical study of another bird—one that dives well but also flies—presumably sheds light on this evolutionary sequence of events.
Like Dolly, Only Human: Human clones may provide another way to make patient-matched embryonic stem cells . . . but at what price? An examination of the history and procedures involved in producing these clones reveals that human embryonic clones are just as human as embryos produced through in vitro fertilization. It is wrong to create humans in order to kill them.
Chimp-human DNA Similarity: The Human Genome Project, supposedly disproved the possibility of all humans being descended from one man and woman. But what does the science really show?
Conquering Cockroaches: Researchers have confirmed that many of the cockroaches common in apartments now spurn the sweets meant to lure them into traps. And they have even identified the neurological wizardry involved.

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After Eden

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Evolution of Darwin: His Impact
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