Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Hitchhiker Story

Let me tell you some of the amazing things God did and what He will do for you and through you if you will just obey Him and try to let Him. One day I was driving down the St. Augustine highway just outside of Jacksonville, Florida, my home town at the time. A military man was hitchhiking. I was only going two more blocks and I did what I have done so many times. I blew my horn to get his attention then I held a tract over the roof of my car and let it go just as I got next to the service man. It landed right at his feet and I prayed “Save him Lord” as I had done so very many times.

A couple of months later I attended a Navigators meeting, the only one I ever attended, with a friend of mine. They had a military fellow give his testimony. He told about hitch hiking and a fellow came by, honked and then threw some trash out his window and kept going. He said, “I cussed him out and said to myself, if you can’t give me a ride, don’t throw your trash at me.” God made him read the tract and he prayed the prayer to receive the Lord Jesus as his Savior and then told how his life was changed.

Right then I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Can you imagine what those 400 people would have done if we had told them the rest of the story? Afterward I went up to him and we confirmed it was the tract I had thrown out. We hugged and wept together at WHAT GOD HAD DONE through that one tract. Of course, there is a ‘no littering’ law now and you cannot through tracts out on the street." I love it when God lets us hear the end of a story like that.

Sumner Wemp

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